About me…well I have a few titles….wife to Will (married almost 4 years) and mama to Stella being the main ones. My daughter Stella just turned 1 and has inspired me to pursue a more authentic, creative, joy filled, present kind of life which means I have just recently left my “real” job to hang out with my baby girl and pursue the creative life. I do have a little shop here in Canada where I sell things I make – mostly handbags and little girl’s dresses, but lots of other little things too. I love all kinds of crafts and creative endeavours and try to make something every day. Growing up I always had access to all kinds of craft supplies and a very creative and crafty mother, whose example I am so grateful for. Right now I mostly work with textiles, since this is something I can do with my baby around. I was inspired to begin sewing by the example of my late grandmother who was a master seamstress and brought so much joy and creativity into our lives. I think almost every photo of us in our childhood includes something that my Grandma Marge had made for us – a piece of clothing, a quilt, or a stuffed toy or doll. My first sewing machine was her 1952 Singer (straight stitch only) which I used up until 6 months ago, and still break out occasionally when I am especially missing her.  I live in my hometown of Quesnel, in Canada which I returned to a few years ago after a long absence. I love to hang out with my baby and husband, travel, craft and sew, read crafty parenting blogs, take photos, play outside, eat chocolate and drink margaritas with girlfriends out on my new deck (disclaimer: only a partial list).